SCAS Fills the Current Void in Supply Chain Execution & Complements
Traditional Demand Planning Tools.

Seeloz SCAS


Seeloz’ Supply Chain Automation Suite (SCAS) is an AI-Driven solution that minimizes supply chain inefficiencies and costs, in addition to optimizing profitability.
SCAS injects a layer of smartness between Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems and other systems managing customer data.
With AI driven workflows, day-to-day operations are empowered with the intelligent understanding of current and forecasted needs.

Control Tower

Seeloz’ Control Tower mechanism empowers leadership, top management, middle management and operators with actionable insights allowing them to take proactive and corrective decisions to completely avoid potential performance problems and timely handle sudden irregularities.

Process Automation

Process Automation leverages AI to inject automation into daily workflows across the supply chain.

The Process Automation solution has two modules that can work together or independently:

Autonomous Procurement & Inventory (AP&I):

1) Sets (or recommends) the optimal amount to procure for each item to optimize customer satisfaction and minimize all sorts of waste.

2) Sets (or recommends) the optimal amount to keep of every item at each warehouse.

Proactive Sales Force (PSF):

1) Recommends to the sales representative what to sell to each customer, at each location, and at what price with recommended discounts.

2) Optimizes delivery schedules to ensure customer satisfaction and minimize supply chain inefficiencies.