Unifying the Pharmaceutical Supply Chain around the Arabic Gulf (UPSAG)

UPSAG, our company initiative to connect the supply chains of pharmaceutical companies across the Arabic Gulf, works in two stages:

Stage 1

Supply Chain Automation: autonomously drive supply procurement, inventory management and distribution workflows across the public healthcare supply chain for each of the GCC countries.

Stage 2

Supply Chain Unification: leverage the combined purchasing power and the strategic geographic advantages of the GCC countries to automate the pharmaceutical supply chain and consolidate the procurement across the whole GCC.

Healthcare Mega Trends in the MENA Region

Growth driver

Rapid expanding populations
Government spending on healthcare infrastructure
Prevalence of chronic lifestyle diseases
Introduction of Mandatory Health Insurance (MHI)

Source: Ernst & Young,BMI Research, WHO

Total healthcare spend is forecast to reach
over US$ 85 billion by 2021
GCC Healthcare Expenditure Forecast

Status of Mandatory Health Insurance across GCC

  • Fully implemented/ Discussions for future implementation
  • In the process of implementation
  • No implementation planned at this stage
With UPSAG, GCC countries can optimize supply availability across all healthcare facilities, hence optimize the quality of care to be delivered to patients. Additionally, UPSAG will generate big savings that would be refueled in further revamping the whole healthcare ecosystem.

Comprehensive Healthcare Reform