In this historic signing ceremony, witnessed by the Malaysian Development Authority (MIDA), Seeloz introduced its revolutionary AI technology, SCAS (Supply Chain Automation Suite), the world’s first Autonomous Requirements Planning.

With manufacturing playing a vital role in Malaysia’s economy and digital transformation initiative, Seeloz’s SCAS, which is powered by Microsoft Azure, will complement Malaysia’s goal of accelerating growth “within the manufacturing sector” and see its revolutionary AI technology implemented in the Malaysian markets and beyond.

“The collaboration between Microsoft and Seeloz looks to spearhead supply chain transformation and modernize Malaysia’s supply chain-related industries through the power of AI. This will forthrightly benefit our Malaysian manufacturers to remain sustainable and resilient through better business practices and approaches.”

- Mr. Arham Abdul Rahman, CEO of MIDA.

Datin Sri Farah Binti Datuk Rameli, Executive Director of Ingress Corporation Berhad, and an early user of Seeloz’s SCAS said, “By embarking with Seeloz on an AI-driven supply chain transformation journey, we’re on track to achieve significant financial savings while boosting the efficiency of our tactical and operational processes. With fully automated supply chains, we can continue blazing a trail in our relentless pursuit of excellence and strengthen our position as a leader in the automotive industry across the ASEAN region”.

Read the full press release here.

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