Across Verticals, today’s supply chains face a list of increasing complex challenges including demand variability, inventory optimization, and unprecedented levels of pandemic-driven uncertainty.

With flexible configuration and universal integration, SCAS solutions help organizations overcome these challenges with AI, resulting in accuracy, profitability, and sustainability across key five Vertical areas:

SCAS Solutions: Raw Materials, Distribution, Aftermarket, Reverse Logistics

Industries: Consumer Packaged Goods, High Tech, Industrial Products, Automotive, Chemicals


Manufacturing supply chains traditionally create value by purchasing raw materials, producing finished goods, and distributing those goods to customers.

Unfortunately, with increasing concerns over materials accessibility and sustainability, manufacturing supply chains are becoming increasingly volatile, leading to overstocks, stockouts, expirations, and excessive cross-warehouse movements.

To address these challenges, SCAS AI-powered solutions replace traditional Materials Requirements Planning (MRP) on the front end and Distribution Requirements Planning (DRP) on the back end. This switch connects SCAS directly to ERP platforms and introduces a new level of intelligent supply chain optimization. This way, manufacturers can build supply chain processes that add value every step of the way, autonomously and continuously.

SCAS Solutions: Raw Materials, Distribution, Reverse Logistics

Industries: Retail, Wholesale & Distribution, Food & Beverage


As consumer demands and expectations continue to increase, Consumer-centric companies are constantly reevaluating supply chains. With lowered barriers to entry and online retailers setting gold standards for customer experience, the landscape is quickly evolving. Subject to seasons, trends, and pandemics, Consumer supply chains are under significant pressure to be responsive, agile, and resilient.

Under these circumstances, relying on demand planners to source materials and deliver products through the MRP/DRP, DRP), companies are frequently left playing catch up subject to changing market preferences.

With SCAS, Consumer supply chains are empowered with AI to cut costs on materials acquisition and optimize product movement related to distribution and reverse logistics. This integrated layer of intelligence helps human supply chain operators build competitive advantages around product innovation, materials optimization, and customer satisfaction.

SCAS Solutions: MRO, Distribution, Aftermarket

Industries: Oil & Gas, Utilities (Power, Gas, Water), Mining


Energy supply chains can be among the longest and most complex, often requiring advanced planning and real time shifts due to price fluctuations. Among the prominent challenges are high uncertainty exposure, resource availability, high transportation costs, acute shifts in travel patterns, the strategic/operational shifts related to the Energy Transition.

Additionally, the production of energy often requires maintaining specialized equipment while simultaneously navigating complex geopolitical issues. As these challenges and others continue to confront supply chain professionals, it’s clear that the future of energy is going to look very different from the past.

Leveraging SCAS, human operators are empowered to anticipate market movements, optimize resources real time, and get insights into future market behaviors. This becomes especially critical in the face of external events (Covid 19 for example) and the earth’s limited natural resources.

With AI-driven MRO, Distribution and Aftermarket solutions, SCAS enables Energy companies to optimize current resources, increase profits, and meeting the ever-increasing energy demands of the future.