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SCAS (Supply Chain Automation Suite) redefines Supply Chain Planning & Management through two complementary AI-driven products:
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Reimagining Supply Chain Planning

Autonomous Procurement
& Inventory (AP&I)


Demand and Inventory Planning are core processes in traditional Supply Chain Management SCMs. Traditionally human-intensive, Demand Planning typically results in inaccurate and outdated forecasts even when driven by advanced statistical and machine learning techniques.
Managing inventory through Operations-Research-based optimization techniques frequently results in inaccurate inventory parameter setting, often resulting in costly delays and amplified errors.

Supply Chain Behavioral Learning (replacing Forecasting):

Building on comprehensive correlation of past supply chain demand, inventory and supply, AP&I derives hundreds of millions of potential supply chain scenarios. By evolving to make continuously improved replenishment decisions, it drives competitive advantages throughout the supply chain.

Autonomous Replenishment (without Equation-Driven Optimization):

Through a continuous Cross Supply Chain Visibility of current near real time supply chain behaviors (that is, granular changes across demand, inventory and supply), AP&I builds its learning capabilities to autonomously generate replenishment orders that maximize efficiency and profitability.

Once applied, AP&I demonstrates tangible ROI across three primary dimensions:

Bottom Line Improvements (P&L):

Reduce costs related to carrying Inventory, Supply Chain Management, Cross-Warehouse Movements, Expediting and Expiration (whenever applicable)

Top Line Improvements (P&L):

Minimize Stockouts while maximizing Availability

Cash to Cash Cycle Balance Sheet:

Minimize Inventory Days to free tied up Capital

fall arrow
20 - 40%
Inventory carrying costs
fall arrow
15 - 25%
Supply chain management costs
fall arrow
20 - 40%
transportation costs
fall arrow
10 - 30%
cash to cash cycle
For example, A business with $800M in revenue, we can see THat the direct effect of a 20% reduction results in more than $10M in annual cost savings, directly affecting the bottom line (P&L).
Considering the complex and volatile nature of today’s supply chains, effectively optimizing cost is nearly impossible using traditional methods. With AP&I, artificial intelligence enables operators to holistically analyze millions of SKUs concurrently, while simultaneously managing supply chain execution without traditional forecasts.

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Anomaly Detection & Root Cause Analysis

Control Tower


Conventional Supply Chain Control Towers are usually built on data analytics platforms to monitor and manage resources.  With limited effectiveness, these platforms frequently provide delayed data analysis resulting in reactive decision making.
Working with traditional system limitations, human operators must frequently navigate existing / future data challenges manually, an increasingly difficult task considering today’s extreme supply chain complexities and velocity.
To overcome these challenges and allow people to thrive in this environment, the Control Tower AI Engine autonomously monitors various supply chain performance aspects, detecting current or potential (future) anomalies and irregularities.
Applying learned correlations, the Control Tower determines Root Causes for any anomaly and delivers Actionable Insights empowering the business user to proactively mitigate risks in near real time.
Leveraging the power of AI, Control Tower correlates anomalies (at varying levels of granularity) across Demand, Inventory, and Supply.  By analyzing these anomalies and the related supply chain scenarios, Control Tower enables Operators by conducting root cause analysis and recommending corrective actions.
This represents a fundamental paradigm shift in Supply Chain Management.  Rather than playing catch up with supply chain movements, human operators are empowered with AI driven Decision Support, enhancing risk mitigation, increasing operational efficiency, and maximizing profit.

Applicable to various supply chain processes, Control Tower continuously (and autonomously) delivers value across Inventory Management, Transportation, Supplier Management.
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Common Big Points

AP&I & Control Tower

SCAS delivers ROI in 1-3 months for customers running moderately complex supply chains.

Built-in Plug & Play -integration with most ERPs
Fully customizable dashboards
AP&I self-fund implementation With a Crawl-Walk-Run adoption journey
cross supply chain analysis for cost reductions
Evaluate ROI in weeks, not months
SCAS, the world’s first fully Autonomous Requirements Planning engine, powered by AI, redefines how supply chain planning is managed.