Lucerne, Switzerland - June 17, 2021

Cambridge Corporate University (CCU) and Seeloz, Inc. conducted a global partnership signing ceremony, officially launching the CCU Seeloz Center of Excellence through the Institute of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics. This partnership is intended to scale and facilitate the development of practical knowledge related to supply chain automation through artificial intelligence.

Through CCU’s global education platform, supply chain leaders and operators will have access to certification and MBA programs focusing on supply chain fundamentals, inventory management, automation, and artificial intelligence.

The crossover partnership facilitates the delivery of practical knowledge related to Autonomous Requirements Planning (ARP) technology and methodology, which leverages Seeloz AI to fundamentally transform how supply chain planning is carried out across verticals.

“We view today’s milestone of launching this CCU Seeloz COE as a key towards the market education journey.  Whenever we are addressing top management and the executives, there is always an appeal for what this technology can provide; from operational excellence, digital transformation, and financial value to the organization,”

said Dr. Mohamed Aly, founder and CEO of Seeloz.  “Going above and beyond offering a technology, and being able to revamp the whole world of supply chain management through education is definitely key.”

“It’s a pleasure to announce that Cambridge Corporate University concluded and signed this partnership agreement with Seeloz, the emerging leader of supply chain automation.” said Dr. Hossam El Shazly, CCU President.

The Center of Excellence will drive essential supply chain automation research across key verticals and enable participants to leverage AI in their respective fields to reduce supply chain disruptions, increase sustainability, and maximize tangible financial benefits for corporations and governments.

About Cambridge Corporate University

For over 40 years, Cambridge Corporate University has been pioneering a unique leadership learning model that is innovative, digital, transformative, and live. Committed to the betterment of the world through education and engagement, CCU delivers world class learning and research across business, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, renewable energy, artificial intelligence, and digital transformation.


About Seeloz

Seeloz is a global leader in supply chain automation and an innovator of Autonomous Requirements Planning (ARP.)  Through artificial intelligence, data science, behavioral learning, and intelligent execution, Seeloz technology is redefining the future of supply chain planning.