Innofactor’s and Seeloz’s partnership is launched at the Empower Finland event in Helsinki on Nov 29, 2022. The event is organized in collaboration with the Technology Industries of Finland (TIF) and Microsoft, and aims to educate TIF’s member organizations on how they could strengthen supply chain resilience with innovative AI-driven supply chain automation and autonomous requirements planning (ARP).

As a pioneering partner, Innofactor sets to be a key technology player in the supply chain space offering a truly differentiated AI-based solution - Supply Chain Automation Suite (SCAS™) - within Nordic’s value chain ecosystem comprising of both SMEs and large enterprises that are key to Nordic economy especially in the manufacturing and distribution sectors.  SCAS will help organizations ensure that their agile and resilient supply chains be their best partner for growth.

“For several years, supply chains across the world have suffered from unprecedented challenges and disruption due to economic uncertainties and global health concerns. The recent Russian Invasion in Ukraine has further worsened the situation. Nordic companies need to, not only reevaluate their supply chains, but more importantly look at how advanced data-led technology solutions such as Seeloz’s SCAS can help provide that much needed robustness and agility. We are extremely excited to partner with Seeloz,” says Sami Ensio, Founder and CEO of Innofactor.

Furthermore, the launch event aims at enabling companies in Finland, in particular, and the Nordic countries, in general, to remain competitive in terms of their abilities to adapt to the volatility, complexity, and uncertainty of the global supply chains.

As part of the global growth plan, Seeloz will conduct the Empower series as a market education and penetration strategy in partnership with local and regional stakeholders, such as Innofactor, a leading software technology player to help accelerate SCAS adoption.  

“The partnership with Innofactor, and the collaboration with the Technology Industries of Finland (TIF) and Microsoft provide a great starting point for Seeloz in the Nordic region. We are thrilled to launch the Empower program in Finland together with our partners as part of our broader strategy for Northern Europe. The last few years have clearly shown that supply chains across the globe need an overhaul and Seeloz’s innovative AI based SCAS solution will be a key component in many of those modernization efforts,” asserts Seeloz’s Managing Director for Northern Europe, Patrik Sjoestedt.

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